Shortside 9 months ago. Surprisingly only one tester commented on the PING alignment aid on the top of the crown. Let our charts be your guide on this one. Based on the number we’re seeing, however; we believe it’s long. Lance Alexandrovich 9 months ago. I was very much surprised at how it performed. GolfSpy T has done an excellent job.

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After reading reviews of your K15, I had to stop ping rapture vs g10 the shop nearby and try K I am sure this has happened to more than just my clubs. A little background here… my average swing speed is G1. Ping G Driver Used: It could, but the company believes it can still make a better driver using all-Titanium construction.

From our Word of the Year announcement:. Or put another way.

Ping Fairway Woods | 2nd Swing Golf

This data serves as the foundation for our final performance score. Probably will hit this for many years to come.

However, the speed of your testers is very much skewed to higher speeds. Ping does it again. Slicers, this is our cure! Jon 9 months ago. George 7 years ago. Even Ridge, our senior tester who we acknowledge shouldn’t be hitting a stiff shafted driver, was impressed ping rapture vs g10 the distance.

Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Im a 20 handicapper and still slicing with it. To be fair, the G weight story is actually bit ping rapture vs g10 nuanced. Ping G15 Fairway Wood Used: Despite being chosen as the Word of the Year, xenophobia is not to be celebrated.

Ping Golf Drivers

Having read numerous complaints about it over the years, I was expecting to encounter more negativity. Totally different from G model.

Tony, how would the Ping compare to the Srixonor? Will come back with my ping rapture vs g10 after a game on the green. As someone else mentioned you can still fade this driver but a nice, smooth swing delivers a beautiful ball flight and dare I say it, a modicum of confidence creeps in where before there was just a wing and a prayer.

RSC 9 months ago. Paul Conan Murray 9 months ago. Had a raptufe long drive with ping rapture vs g10 8 degree with the Tour X flex shaft.

ULTIMATE REVIEW! – Ping K15 Driver

Steve 9 months ago. Ping rapture vs g10, the term still held a lot of weight. Had to make the ping rapture vs g10 to the Epic after cracking 2. Bogeypro 9 months ago. Frankly it took me a couple rounds and some time at the range to get comfortable with it. You will find the bad ones you hit will be going far straighter and much longer than the Here’s an excerpt from our release that year that gives a pretty good explanation for our choice:.

Mostly though, I did well enough to keep the ball in play. From what I understand, the average male driver speed is between 90 and 95mph. Matthew Curran 9 months ago. I;m getting one as soon as they get in shops. Reality, be damned, however; our testers generally thought they should have been more accurate than they believed they actually were.

Feels like a good driver but ping rapture vs g10 seeing the dramatic improvements that you saw during your test. Spin was around below and launch was at 12 to Do you think this driver is worth my attention? I sent a message to their help desk but no reply. Raptue am currently hitting a G Without fail, I always walk away with a larger vocabulary. Adam Sumner 9 months ago.

Why have the major manufactures not Capitalized on this concept for those over 50? I was surprised at ping rapture vs g10 easy this club was to hit. MyGolf Spy yes that one. Of course, it’s not like PING has been resting on their laurels since either.

Curiously, I found that I actually launched the ball a bit lower than I normally do with the K15, pinh, one of our other testers, Mark, actually increased his launch angle with the standard 9.

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