The break point is located close to the power plug. I have Toshiba laptop. If you have 2 memory modules installed try removing them one by one and run the restore with only one module installed. Put this black cable along with the video harness in the groove and forget about it. I disassembled the entire thing and the heat sinks were filthy. Does anyone else have any ideas on my laptop? I had ordered a new hinge, and figured that I might as well fix the hinge and worry about the overheating later.

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The only problem is to find a new part. The other day my laptop decided to turn restart all by itself. Sometimes a failing hard drive makes the same grinding sound as a failing cooling fan. I finished putting it back together and unfortunately must have toshiba m35x-s349 a detail. After about 15 months I was sitting on it and Tpshiba, the blue line down the screen. Any way Toshiba m35x-s349 can toshiba m35x-s349 some pics or send you some?

I just thought it was my electrifying personality. Jeff, I believe if the DC jack on the system board is damaged, the laptop toshiba m35x-s349 will run of the battery.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

All my lights work fine and the hard drive is working. Thanks for your help. Be careful with the CPU pins. Also, the new problem now toshiba m35x-s349 that I am stareting to get a Blue Screen Errors—something to do with drivers.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

toshiba m35x-s349 Tosbiba Polina just yesterday i turned my computer on and toshiba m35x-s349 same thing that your computer is going through mine is going through too. Check if all cables are seated properly, check the video cable connector. Reading this blog gives me some hope, and in the event that i totally screw it up, i am resigned. Ricky, I would send the laptop toshiba m35x-s349 the same repair center again. You assistence is greatly appriciated. I am having the same DC In connector problem that seems m35x-x349 go with these machines.

A friend of mine had one and the modem went out on him. Was going to pay pounds to get it fixed: I have took toshiba m35x-s349 apart and cleaned out the heatsink which had dust clogs in it. Since then I use grease that came with the heatsink. I seem to have pulled the keyboard connector away from the main board — not the lock, the actual connection between the board and the locking mechanism. Thank toshiba m35x-s349 that worked, mine used to boot out of nothing like once an hour.

I just want toshiba m35x-s349 see if it is broke or not, then I can get this thing to someone to repair.

If I shut toshiba m35x-s349 down in hibernation mode while running on battery the toshiba m35x-s349 recharge lights on the front of the computer stay on as if the battery is being recharged from the AC adapter, even when the adapter is not plugged into the wall or attached to the computer.

Decided my Toshiba A35 needed a cleaning since it would heat up in just a toshiba m35x-s349 of minutes. It would be much cheaper. This fixed my problem. To replace thermal compound on Toshiba Toshiba m35x-s349 A75 you have to take apart laptop completely and it will void the warranty.

I can use it for a while and it starts beeping and then just shuts off after a while.

AC電源アダプター・TOSHIBA PAノートパソコン用ACアダプターの激安通販|01

If your laptop is still under warranty, you can toshiba m35x-s349 it to any Toshiba Authorize Service Provider and fix the problem at no charge to you. Have you tried to reload Windows at toshiba m35x-s349

I have replaced the hard drive reinstalled from the recovery disk, but during the recovery process it will lock up and I need to reboot it multiple times to get it to finish the install. Thanks for the great site. A clogged heatsink was definitely a problem, but apparently there is something else to it. Most times, it just does a blink of the hdd light while the fans spin for about toshiba m35x-s349 seconds.

There is a better Singatron jack that we use on these machines and do not feel alone. Brought it back home, had it working for a couple of hours and got back the same problem: If you are interested in selling your damaged screen let me know. It works perfect now. I tried toshiba m35x-s349 the heatsink, throttling the CPU, no dice. The LCD solution seems right. When LCD inverter fails, toshiba m35x-s349 backlight turns off, but you still toshiba m35x-s349 see the desktop very dim image.

See if the power cuts off when you jiggle the power cord. If that does not work, is there a tutorial on how to apply artic gel, or to remove the fan to celean out toshiba m35x-s349

I can submit a photo if someone tells me where to send it. You toshiba m35x-s349 to carefully open the lock, slide the keyboard cable inside the connector and lock it.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Thanks for the A75 disassembly guide. If the laptop shuts down while working then it might indicate two problems. You will not have to use the toshiba m35x-s349 disk and the laptop should start toshiba m35x-s349 usual. Cannot help with drivers, you have to find some Linux gurus on the Internet.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

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