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When projected with a Cinemascope lens these scenes matched the rest of the movie. Some were simplifications for the quick build cycle. The ram is purposely drill-like, a theme continued in the hull side rakers conceived to deflect debris away from the sub.

A flat deck with at least on hatch, in the Goff position aft of the fin, has a recess for the boat, which is accessed via a hatch in the recess at the top of an interior ladder. The salon windows are set in recesses in the meolen hull and face partly forward.

Sightings of this “sea monster” would have surely amazed and puzzled 19 th century naturalists. At least one of these was originally published many years earlier than the edition I saw and the same may be true of others.

There’s jules verne 20000 meilen unter dem meer pdf download obvious ram, but the forward end of the jules verne 20000 meilen unter dem meer pdf download might serve this purpose. I’m sure it’s only a coincidence but jiles reminds me of some of the experimental propellers tried out on the Walter S. The concept draws on the classic Harper Goff design but reverses some elements for a very different appearance and includes the movie scene of the Nautilus held by the giant squid by adding a tentacle motif to the hull.

There is a long deck with the wheelhouse far aft. W hen I first established this page, I had only a small collection of designs to feature.

There is a deck area with a rectangular hatch a little forward of amidships. Only part of the railing is visible in my graphic, but the top of the wheelhouse somewhat resembles a fleet boat submarine conning tower.

The launch has triangular barbs, reminiscent of Goff’s Nautilusfour ports like those of the pilothouse and a row of ports around the lower bow, useful for undersea exploration. Randolph julse the large dive planes forward of the salon window in his original desing.

The blunt end of the hull combined with the fin structure that encloses the prop neatly protects it during a ram attack. The rudders, meant to evoke Goff’s embedded diving planes, may seem strange, but a plan of Nordenfelt’s first submarine, built inshows two rudders in a similar arrangement.

The ram consists of the saw-tooth ends of extended horizontal and vertical fairing. Just below the launch the hull side has large, not quite Goff-like salon windows, and jules verne 20000 meilen unter dem meer pdf download below these on the lower hull, similar large downward looking ports. Circular salon windows are situated below the centerline on the forward part of the hull.

There is a double-cone spar at the tip of the spindle hull. Although there are hints of all these in Marchant’s Nautilusit is unique. The Nautilus veerne in part 3, viewable on YouTube. The wheelhouse is a complex structure with three large windows and a set of lantern ports on the upper part.

S cale Model Ships Unlimited produced this Goff-derivative Nautilus as a fiberglass kit with a detailed plan. The aft diving planes, typical of the working models, are prominent in the pictures, but the location of a forward set is my best guess.

Santa Rosa, California edition of 20, Leagues under the Sea. Notable features are a partially retractable control room unrer of the small wheelhouse, a folding exterior ladder in the aft keel below the dive hatch, a downward looking window at the bottom of the main, spiral unher, and additional lights fore and aft on the lower hull.

It has what appears to be a hidden, perhaps extendable ram below the front of the armored carapace.

His work, modeled in cardboard and the result of years of research, presents innovative and eccentric vehicles of the 18 th19 th and early 20 th centuries. It includes jules verne 20000 meilen unter dem meer pdf download full plan including interior that I used to create the 3D model for the images shown here. The cutwater ends in a protective arch for a large steamship-like bridge. The design has two dinghies, one on each side of the deck, a nice improvement on my own original Nautilus.

He modified the ram and the jules verne 20000 meilen unter dem meer pdf download, and used a slightly elevated wood deck to account for the curvature of the hull. A nton Otto Fischer illustrated the John C. He began with an approximately square cross-section hull that tapers to rounded ends. The propeller is hidden in a large cylindrical shroud. The rudder is shown with somewhat different appearance among the illustrations.

The original artwork, acquired by Creature Features from a collector in Osaka, Japan, is for sale on ebay. The short, centerline ram has a cruciform cross-section.

The tail is similar to the first version and still somewhat Goff-like. Jules verne 20000 meilen unter dem meer pdf download lantern is mounted atop the wheel house. The result, an imposing Victorian submarine, includes large, ornate salon windows, a deck-mounted launch, and an elevated cable-braced spar. J esper Kurt-Nielsen untsr ornamentation to his second Nautilus and changed to a symmetrical stern.

G raphic designer Gary M Burley has taken on the imposing task of illustrating every page of 20, Leagues under the Seachanging nothing except the Nautilus to add his “own stamp to its look”. Knowing what the design would become, it’s possible to see similarities, but otherwise they might not be noticed.

I’ve chosen to extend the tail below the hull in my graphic to accommodate the rudder, but this area is also out of view in the artwork. The upper level, built into a rounded structure atop the hull, has a classic four-sided wheel house near the forward end and a large boat aft.

A Catalog of Nautilus Designs

The hull is more or less spindle milen with the salon window, with a possible sliding cover, approximately amidships. The center section of the superstructure is drawn open by chains to reveal a dock for the boat. The download is a zip archive in exe from that can be opened by any archive program like 7z or WinZip.

The hull plates overlap bow to stern.

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