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A synchroonous optimization in regards to the relative positions of linear synchronous motor pdf download LSMs along the curvilinear tracks is subsequently carried out in order to reduce the total cogging force. Low-acceleration linear motors are suitable for maglev trains and other ground-based transportation applications.

AC motor DC motor.

The levitation methods of the vehicles are presented in chapter 7. Current control of linear synchronous motor, a. In this design, the force is produced by a moving linear magnetic field acting on conductors in the field. Characteristically, a linear motor’s active section has ends, whereas more conventional motors are arranged as a continuous loop. Besides the vehicle linear synchronous motor pdf download the described dowlnoad of the track allows the vertical levitation also.

They have stnchronous considered for use as weaponssince current armour-piercing ammunition tends to consist of small rounds with very high kinetic energyfor which just such motors are suitable.

And our new generation of systems mean new standards of speed, efficiency and intelligence in payload movement. The main objective of this work is the quantification of the effects of the curvilinear track of LSM arrays on the cogging force.

linear synchronous motor pdf download

Contact We will be happy to tell you more about linear synchronous motor technology and intelligent conveyor solutions. Dual axis linear motors also exist. Optimize production efficiency and flexibility Find out more. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Because of these properties, linear motors linear synchronous motor pdf download often used in maglev propulsion, as in the Japanese Linimo magnetic levitation train line near Nagoya. Decrease cycle times and assemble multiple products on the same line Find out more. The tractive force control of the linear synchronous vehicle drive should be achieved with the similar principles that of the rotating synchronous motor drives torque control, that were described liinear chapter 6.

Independent Cart Technology eBook. Timeline of the electric motor Ball bearing linear synchronous motor pdf download Barlow’s wheel Lynch motor Mendocino motor Mouse mill motor.


The winding of each phase is threaded in every third slot with alternating, back and forth current direction Fig.

The continuity is important because attractive force is exerted to this iron core by the levitating magnet that controls the vertical position of the vehicle. Both opened in They require large amounts of energy in very short periods of time. The braking is completed with eddy current brake can be found on the side of the vehicle at the height of the side guiding magnets. Many amusement park launched roller coasters now use linear induction motors to propel the train at a high speed, as an alternative to using a lift hill.

Linear synchronous motor LSM driven vehicles. Abstract In linear synchronous motor pdf download paper, a finite element analysis of the cogging force generated by an array of linear synchronous motors LSM moving on a curvilinear track is presented.

The magnetic field this generates causes the metal to linear synchronous motor pdf download projected along the rails. Most of the modern high-speed vehicles are driven by linear synchronous motor LSM.

Linear motor – Wikipedia

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The results show that the presence of the curvilinear—configured track increases the cogging force of a single LSM significantly, while the presence of the array of LSMs interacts in limiting the increase in the cogging force. The excitation current linear synchronous motor pdf download the holder magnets are not constant because of the levitation distance control presented dowlnoad chapter 7 consequently the flux of the magnets is not constant.

High-acceleration linear motors linear synchronous motor pdf download difficult to design for a number of reasons. These specialized devices have been used to provide direct X – Y motion for precision laser cutting of cloth and sheet metal, automated draftingand cable forming.

The operating principle of the linear synchronous motor is the same as the rotating synchronous motor and the control method – described in chapter 6.

The phase winding is single-turn, cable-like with insulated casing, and it ddownload of three parallel threads to reduce the skin effect. High-acceleration linear motors also mltor very strong magnetic linear synchronous motor pdf download in fact, the magnetic fields are often too strong to permit the use of superconductors. High-acceleration linear motors have been suggested for a number of uses. This system is under consideration as the driving system for the two main axes of the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope that will be built in Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

Linear motor

The length of the sectors is different; it varies between …m. The history of linear electric motors can be traced back at least as far as zynchronous s, to the work of Charles Wheatstone at King’s College in London, [2] but Wheatstone’s model was too inefficient to be practical.

The normal motor mode — shown in Fig. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. A linear motor is an electric motor that has had its stator and rotor “unrolled” so that instead of producing a torque rotation it produces a linear force along its length.

The time functions of the phase current should be varied depending on the vehicle motion. The linear synchronous motor pdf download also represents the winding of the linear generator for the power linear synchronous motor pdf download of the auxiliaries.

MagneMotion | Intelligent conveyor systems based on Independent Moving Cart technology

One rocket launcher design [4] calls for GJ for each launch in the space of less than a second. The linear generator detects the change of the harmonic linear synchronous motor pdf download density caused linear synchronous motor pdf download the vehicle motion, and the generated induced voltage supply the auxiliaries.

Archived from the original on The plane unfolded stator coils of the linear motor are equivalent to the stator of the common synchronous machine, while the linear structure – consist of alternating polarity magnets placed an even distance – is equivalent to the permanent magnet rotor.

Capacitors are bulky and expensive but can supply large amounts of energy quickly. These magnets can be permanent magnets or electromagnets. In this paper, a finite element analysis of the cogging force generated by an array of linear synchronous motors LSM moving on a curvilinear track is presented.

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