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Page 61 The available Lower Range settings are determined by your Humminbird model as follows: Select the output port that you want the audio track to play through during playback. Locate the track named Bass in the project. Game – iOS – Educational. FSpace Roleplaying Reference Manual v2. You can use the Split Sonar View to make side by side comparisons between the sonar returns from both beams.

Alarm is set to 58 degrees Fahrenheit, and the water temperature falls from 60 degrees to 58 degrees, the Temp.

To activate the Depth Cursor: SONAR X1 LE had been enhanced with features that let customers to have an even better first time experience using the software and bundled hardware together. Use the settings to change the display of the decimal place or remove it from the digital readouts. Each vertical band of data received by wonar control head and plotted on the display represents something that was detected by a sonar return at a particular time.

CAKEWALK sonar x3 User Manual

Click OK now to move forward with this tutorial. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Use the channel strip controls to mix and process tracks, buses and mains. Use the Console view to adjust the levels of sound for the different tracks in your project, to change the stereo panning, and to apply real-time effects to an individual track, combinations of tracks, or the final mix.

Sonar6 Manual Download

The Inspector The Inspector When working on a project, you will frequently need to dowhload track and clip parameters and mix controls. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

There are many views available on your Fishfinder. Page 33 Down Imaging View with Active Cursor and Zoom depth cursor information box water surface temperature zoom magnification cownload voltage zoomed view lower range triplog speed Views Use the Depth Cursor to identify depth on the flasher display.


Conventions Used In This Book Conventions used in pdr book The following table describes the text conventions in this book: To see less clutter and more fish size accuracy interpreted from the transducer beam, choose Clear Mode.

The main components of the menu system are as follows: Each time ddownload unit pings, a strip of data representing all the echoes received by the transducer are put together on the display to form the image that you see. Whether fishing in shallow or very deep water, selectable dual-frequency is ideal for a variety of conditions.

Sonar View Sonar View presents a historical log of sonar returns.

At the bottom of the same window, you will see the MIDI outputs. Simulator We recommend going through this manual while using the Simulator, since all of the menus function and affect the display in the same way as they would in Normal operation. Sound Control Demonstration Settings: The Sonar Zoom View makes it easier to see separate sonar returns that would usually be displayed close together, such as those caused by fish suspended close to the bottom or within structure. Manual Alphabet MC 1.

Page 14 Figure 3. Skylight Skylight Skylight introduces a next generation workspace and presents a new level of simplicity by providing an intelligent interface that moves beyond contemporary, single-window design and layout clutter.

If your view is by Category, click Uninstall a program under Programs. Depending on your computer’s configuration, you may have multiple options available. Registering Sonar To register anytime, log onto http: Click the Start button and choose Control Panel.

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